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The 22-year-old musician making waves on Instagram and TikTok.

I was scrolling through my TikTok ‘For You Page’ (a criminally addictive place), when I came across this duet TikTok video of a girl harmonising to someone freestyling.

Then, that video led me to explore all her other TikToks (seen below) as well as her music.

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A lesson on unsustainable promises.

The journey of OnePlus is a fairly well-known tale of success, a rags to riches story if you will. Two guys named Carl Pei and Pete Lau start a company called OnePlus to produce phones that beat the prices of flagships whilst offering up great value in its features.

Image Courtesy of Wim Wenders.


2 hours and 10 minutes. 17 nominations. 12 wins. $4 million in the box office.

Those are the numbers of Wings of Desire, the 1987 film directed by German filmmaker Wim Wenders, which follows two angels, Damiel (Bruno Ganz) and Cassiel (Otto Sander) as they watch over the citizens of Berlin (divided by the Berlin Wall) and listen to their thoughts, recording the world’s events. The film primarily follows Damiel, as he begins to fall in love with a trapeze artist (Marion, played by Solveig Dommartin) as well as the pleasures and pains of human life. …


A new type of digital art that’s blowing up

Chris Torres’ Nyan Cat meme which was sold as an NFT for $590,000.

By now you’ve probably heard about this cool new thing called NFTs that are absolutely blowing up. Seemingly absurd amounts of money are being paid for all forms of digital art: JPEGs, GIFs, and more.

So what are NFTs?

NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token’ — something being fungible means that it can be exchanged for the exact same thing, and so NFTs aren’t exchangeable/interchangeable.

Let’s think of an example here:

If I had a trading card (ie: Pokemon) that I wanted to trade off, I could give you that trading card in exchange for another trading card, and at the…

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The biggest enemy of taking real action.

In my high school, we have something known as the ‘Student Representative Council’ (organises events, functions and more for the students), and I just so happen to be a ‘Representative’ in this SRC.

This past year, keeping COVID-19 restrictions in mind, we have done a few events (some of which were successful), but mostly, we haven’t really done anything that can be felt by the student body.

And yet, we have spent hours and hours in both online and in-person meetings… planning. So, if we’ve spent all of these hours in meetings and being ‘productive’, why haven’t we rolled out…

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The key is consistency.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to start reading more books. And that I wanted to try out an audiobook.

So, what better book to listen to than Atomic Habits by James Clear? I had been wanting to develop new, better habits in order to live a more full life, and so I started Atomic Habits.

As I listen to it, I learn several key ideas about habit formation, and so I’ve started developing three main habits:

  • Do some form of exercise daily.
  • Practise guitar daily.
  • Do focussed work for two hours a day.

When first…


A look into why we can become inundated, and what to do about it.

So, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be the type of person to be hopping from app to app. From Notion to Obsidian. From Todoist to Ticktick. All in the pursuit of better features, more flexibility, and that extra 5% of productivity.

Something that I’ve noticed is that my productivity goes down each time I hop from app to app, which is why these days I try avoiding switching apps, but why does our productivity take a bit of a hit?

The answer lies in systems. Or more specifically, your productivity system.

See, behind every productive person is a system…

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Obsidian is a new app designed to help you connect ideas and notes to each other.

So in the tech productivity world there's been a new note-taking app that's been making waves - Roam Research. It's a note-taking app that takes a bit of a different approach with how it manages your notes, as it tries to emulate your brain in the sense that you build a knowledge base by linking notes to each other, creating a network of notes, emulating the way that our brains make millions of neural networks.

The issue with Roam is that costs either $8 or $15 a month, and some people aren't prepared to pay that just yet. Obsidian does a lot of the same and it has a lot going for it given that all of your notes and data are stored locally, whereas Roam restricts you to their servers.

I've been using Obsidian for the past couple of weeks, and here's what I think of the app that aims to help you build a knowledge network with backlinks.

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Note 20? Galaxy Fold 2? Z Fold 2?

So it’s official — the next Samsung event is going to be held online on August the 5th 2020, and it’s gonna be live on It’s roughly a month away (at the time of writing) so let’s take a look at all the rumours, and see what we can expect.

Note 20:

As per Samsung tradition, they use the mid-year Samsung events to announce their Galaxy Note lineup, which is the big brother to the regular Galaxy S series, and there’s no doubt that we’ll see the next iteration in the Note lineup at this event in August.

It seems like…

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What I do to prevent my phone from controlling me.

I recently came across an interesting article on The Startup by Megan Holstein called “What My Minimalist Phone Looks Like”, and I felt that I could add on to this by showing what an Android version could look like.

I first started looking into this about 2 months ago, when I realised that due to being stuck inside all the time, I was using my phone a lot more than usual, to the point where I would often have to charge my phone about two times a day. I identified that the issue with my phone was that I had…

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